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X-Ray Radiation Sources
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Dear customers,

We are pleased to present for your attention our new product line - X-Ray Radiation Sources: Cd-109  &  Ge-68

Cd 109

Cadmium-109 is useful for a X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis.
This nuclide is used to analyze metal alloys for checking stock, sorting scrap. The small, portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometers using radioisotope excitation allow in situ analysis in museum, galleries, on even on field. ...

New! Cyclotron Cadmium-109 “point source” (diameter 3 mm; active spot 1 mm, ISO classification C 44342). Specific activity 1000 mCi/mg!

Key Features:
- Cyclotron Cd-109 Point source application provides the same analysis accuracy as five times more active Standard Cd-109 reactor source!
- Small dimensions of the Cyclotron Cd-109 Point source allows to use an advantage of the “Central” geometry requiring much less activity and providing higher precision in comparison with a “Side” geometry. (See the scheme below)
- Improved radiation safety requirements.



Our high quality Positron sources with radionuclides Ge-68 are useful for Positron Emission Tomographs (PET systems). We are ready to deliver Ge-68 sources with activity up to 15 mCi (active diameter 6 mm).

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