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Mössbauer Sources
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The basis of our quality is the excellent high purity carrier free 57Co produced at the Obninsk
Cyclotron Accelerator and more than 30 years of experience in producing Mössbauer sources

Specific activity: 7500 mCi/mg (!)

Low level impurities: the total content of radioactive impurities (56Co + 58Co) does not exceed 0,2% (optionally 0,05%)

Activities available: 5 mCi, 10 mCi, 25 mCi, 50 mCi, 100 mCi, 270 mCi (Mars-Phobos Type). Other activities on request

Matrix materials: rhodium (chromium, palladium, copper, platinum)

SOURCE HOLDERS AND APPLICATION                              

All types of source holders are hermetically sealed and tested according to the international standards ISO 9978 and ISO 2919.

Each source is supplied with a Quality Certificate and a Test Report.  

Type of source Temperature range Window Absorption of 14.4 keV in window Remarks ISO code
Type A

Al holder with Al window

Liquid He – 450 K 40 µm Al foil

30 µm Al foil

~9.2 %

~7 %

Cryogenic source.

The radioactive material is sealed by laser welding


Type A(K)

Al holder with Kapton®. window

4.2 K – 330 K

The cooling must be via cold finger or exchange gas

20 µm

(2.8 mg/cm2) Kapton® foil




Cryogenic/ Room temperature source.


Kapton®  window is glued by epoxy glue

Type T

Ti holder with

Be window

Room temperature - 670 K 500 µm Be clad with diffusion welded 10 µm Al foil ~5 % High temperature source.

Be is brazed to Ti holder


Type W(K)

W holder with Kapton® window

Type W(Be)

W holder with

Be window

Room temperature – 330 K

20 µm

(2.8 mg/cm2) Kapton® foil

500 µm Be clad with diffusion welded 10 µm Al foil




Wolfram holder

provides improved radiation safety.


Kapton® window is glued by epoxy glue;

Be is brazed to W holder

Point source

Al holder

4.2 K - 330 K

4.2 K – 453 K

Cryogenic epoxy glue

Laser welded
40 µ
m Al foil

~0.5 %

~9.0 %

Cryogenic source

Rh foil is sealed by cryogenic epoxy glue

Broad temperature range source



Mössbauer Source holders Type A, A(K), T  (SOURCE HOLDERS AND APPLICATION)





Mössbauer Source holders Type W(L), W(K), W(Be)  (SOURCE HOLDERS AND APPLICATION )

«Mössbauer torch» with Tungsten holder meets enhanced radiation safety requirements.


Mössbauer 57Co(Rh) «Linear Source»

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